My mission ... to offer training services in all aspects of Power Broker therefore
helping your business increase overall performance and productivity, 
as well as help with management capabilities in your Power Broker environment.
While meeting the unique needs of your brokerage,
operational and organizational improvements can be achieved,
with minimal disruption to your everyday work flow.
Tammy Fox Consulting

Training & Review

* Day-to-day invoicing/receipts/payables
* Month end / year end procedures
* Reconciling Bank / AB & DB Commissions
* Reporting in Power Broker
* Remote month end assistance

Integration Features

* Office integration (word/outlook/excel)
* Image attachments (scanning/digital images)
* Rating integration
* CSIO EDI upload/download
* Insurer Document Management (EDocs)
* Marketing
* Various optional system modules


Is your brokerage using Power Broker to its fullest potential?  Let me show you how to take full advantage of the enhancements and features available to you.
* Offering 1 to 2 hour Phone sessions
* On-site training
* Transition to paperless environment